6th Grade Academy 8/8-8/10

6th Grade Academy

Tuesday, August 8th - Thursday, August 10th

8:30AM - 1:30PM

Please join us for DCISM's 6th Grade Academy - this will give our new 6th grade students a chance to get to know their teachers and their new environment before the start of school. 6th grade students will be able to walk through their schedule, meet classmates, learn about school-wide and classroom expectations, and develop critical skills necessary to succeed in middle school and beyond! | Read More...

DCISM Registration 8/9-8/10

DCISM Registration Dates

Wednesday, August 9th
7:00AM - 2:00 PM

Thursday, August 10th
11:00AM - 6:00PM

Registration is REQUIRED for all DCISM students and families. Please Remember: A Parent/Legal Guardian is the only person that may register the student!

A $20 Activity Fee is due at registration, please bring cash only - Activity Fees will be used for student activities and field trips throughout the year.

Uniforms will be on sale during registration - please bring cash:

Every MS and HS student has to wear a DCISM logo shirt, NO exceptions to the policy.

$8 Men's Tee/$9 Women's Tee
$20 Pullover Hoodie
$23 Zip Up Hoodie

The items above can be purchased during registration with cash, or online at www.SAITeamsports.com

Pants have to be black, blue or khaki jeans or other material, no holes. NO exceptions on color.

Por Favor Recuerde: Unicamente un Padre/Tutor Legal es la unica persona que puede registrar al estudiante.

Se debe pagar una cuota de $20 por actividades escolares por estudiante el dia de inscripción, por favor traiga dinero en efectivo solamente - Las Tarifas de Actividades serán usadas para actividades estudiantiles y excursiones durante todo el año escolar.

Cada estudiante de Secundaria y Preparatoria tiene que llevar una camisa con el logo tipo de la escuela DCISM, NO hay excepciones a la política/norma.

El precio es:
$8 Camisa de hombres/$9 Camisa de mujeres
$20 Sudadera con capucha
$23 Sudadera con cremallera (cierre) y con capucha

Los artículos anteriores se pueden comprar durante La Inscripcíon con dinero en efectivo, o en línea en www.SAITeamsports.com

Los pantalones tienen que ser negros, azules o caqui, mezcalilla u otro material sin agujeros o hoyos NO hay excepción en el color.

Information will also be available on school transportation, sports/athletics, uniforms, and free and reduced lunch for the 2017-2018 school year!

For 2017-2018 School Year Information, including School Calendars and Supply Lists, please click here. | Read More...

Parent Satisfaction Surveys

DCISM Parent Satisfaction Surveys
Parent Satisfaction Surveys will be delivered to students next week! Please fill out the survey as soon as possible and return. It is important that we have your feedback and input on the school, please take a few minutes to fill out the survey.

One sibling in each family should receive the survey, if you have students in both high school and middle school, you may receive two surveys. If you do not receive a Parent Satisfaction Survey and confidentiality envelope from your student by Monday, April 24th please contact Maria_Saenz@dpsk12.org our Family and Community Liaison. | Read More...

DCISM Graduation 2017 Page

DCISM Graduation Tab is now available at the top of the DCISM Homepage!

Or visit the page here for the most up-to-date information!

RSVP to the Facebook Event!

Graduation Rehearsal

Tuesday, May 30th
10:30 AM
(Students only)

You MUST ride the bus to Graduation Rehearsal!!! If you do not take the bus, or miss Graduation Rehearsal, you will not be allowed to walk on Graduation Day!
The bus leaves PROMPTLY at 10:30 AM!
Seniors only, no friends or family
Must ride the bus from DCISM to DU and back
Please devote your full attention!
You don’t want to be the person who doesn’t know what to do, or misses her/his name!

Graduation Day!
Thursday, June 1st
5:00-9:00 PM (for Students)
8:00-9:00 PM (for Guests)

DU Ritchie Center
Magness Arena
2240 Butchel Blvd.
Denver, CO
Students MUST ride the bus to DU!
The bus leaves promptly at 5:00 PM!
Do NOT be late, if you miss the bus, you miss graduation!

Pre-Graduation Day Expectations!

Please NO air-horns or helium balloons!

No video recording, DU will be recording the ceremony and copies will be available online.

Photography will be allowed, but no parents, family, or other guests will be available on the arena floor or near the stage area. A professional photographer will be present to take pictures of students walking across the stage and receiving their diploma; copies will be available online after the ceremony.

Graduation Day Expectations!
BE ON TIME! Busses leave promptly at 5:00 PM (last day you will ever have to take the bus from DCISM – please don’t miss it!)
Please have your Cap and Gown in hand when you are getting on the bus!

Please be respectful and courteous to speakers, guests, and teachers so that everything runs smoothly! | Read More...

Voter Registration at DSF 4/12

Colorado People's Alliance - Voter Registration
Where: Denver Scholarship Foundation Center
DCIS at Montbello
When: Wednesday, April 12th
10:00-12:00 PM |

DCISM Assessment Calendar March 2017

Please follow the link to view the DCIS at Montbello March Assessment Calendar 2017 - CMAS for both Middle and High Schools. | Read More...

Warriors Wrestling Fundraiser

I am going into my 5th year coaching for Warriors Wrestling, although this is my 3rd year as head coach. I started with 5 guys on the team that first year, but we had two state placers. We were very lucky.

I have since built the team to about 29 people(guys and girls) and thanks to the incredible work for both myself and my wrestlers we will be growing again. We already have 20 new wrestlers who are interested in joining the team.

This program is definitely rebuilding after having 4 different head coaches in 7 years. These young adults deserve consistency and that's what I strive to give them. Unfortunately, I cannot do it on my own. Building a sports program is no joke and it is virtually impossible when you have no money to support travel and development.

For the continued development of the program, I will need to raise funds for gear(kneepads, shoes, warmups without holes in them), tournaments, food and camps/outings.

These kids and I love this sport because it forces you to learn a lot about yourself. We are developing hard-working members of society and will be very grateful for your donation. If you leave a contact method, we would love to send you a picture of the team with a thank you note on the back. | Read More...

Montbello Campus Gets an $8 Million Facelift

For many years, students at the Montbello Campus have had to endure temperatures were chronically too hot or too cold in classrooms. That concern will soon be a thing of the past thanks to Denver voters. Through the Denver Public Schools (DPS) voter-approved 2016 Bond, the campus is getting an $8 million heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) makeover.

“There is a reason the Montbello Campus was chosen as the first construction project to come out of the 2016 bond,” said Superintendent Tom Boasberg. “The campus is the heart of the Montbello community. It is so important that we get to work on building efficient and high-quality heating, cooling and ventilation systems to improve the learning environment for our students.”
|

Montbello World Cafe - Love Your Community

Montbello World Café
“Love Your Community”
Thursday, February 9th
5:30-7:00 PM
Montbello Campus Library
Conversation has been a core process for discovering what we care about. It’s how we’ve always share our knowledge, imagine our futures and create communities of commitment. The meanings we make in conversation and the coordinated action that emerges naturally from them help to shape our lives.

Come talk to others from your community to discover how to strengthen our community’s commitment to excellence.
Dinner, Interpretation and Daycare Provided
Enter through the DCISM entrance
|

DPS Immigration FAQ

Responding to Immigration Concerns

Dear DPS Community,

We wanted to express our gratitude to the school leaders and educators who supported our students during a time of strong emotions. In our diverse community of almost 90,000 students, we recognize that many students and their families are struggling with intensely personal questions, concerns and fears about the impact of the election. Our critical mission is to ensure that our schools are safe spaces where a student’s race, ethnicity, religion and immigration status do not create any barriers to that child’s education. To assist this mission, we wanted to share answers to the following questions regarding immigration status and our commitment to protect students from discrimination and harassment.
|