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Dear DCISM Families,

Please click the link below to take the Parent Survey for the MyTech 1:1 Grant. The MyTech grant (if received) would allow DCISM to provide a laptop for every student at the school! The survey will only take a few minutes.

Estimadas Familias de DCISM,

Por favor, haga clic en el enlace de abajo para tomar la Encuesta de Padres para la beca MyTech 1:1. ¡La beca MyTech (si la recibimos) le permitiría a DCISM proveer una computadora portátil para cada estudiante en la escuela! La encuesta sólo tomará unos minutos.


DCISM |
Dear DCISM Families,

Friday, January 20 is Inauguration Day. This is a regular school day and we will have our focus on
instruction as always. At our school, we have been completing activities throughout the week to
recognize the inauguration as well as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Tomorrow, students and
teachers will have the opportunity to write their state representative to discuss our goals in education
over the next four years.

We understand that some students may wish to participate in activities related to the Inauguration
Day outside of school. If you choose to support this, please make sure that your student is excused
from class. Any student who is absent without an excuse will be considered unexcused. We believe
the best place for our students is in school, where they can maintain their focus on academic


DCISM Administration
Dr. Julie Murgel
Dr. Angelina Walker
Mr. Jason Ortiz
Mrs. Neisa Lynch
Mrs. Natalie Fickes

Estimados Padres de Familia:

El viernes, el 20 de enero, es el Día de la Inauguración Presidencial. Este será un día normal de
clases y, como siempre, nos centraremos en la enseñanza. En nuestra escuela, hemos estado
participando en actividades durante la semana para reconocer la inauguración, como también
honrando al Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Mañana, alumnos/as y maestros/as tendrán la oportunidad
para escribir a su representante estatal para hablar acerca de nuestras metas educativas sobre los
próximos 4 años.

Entendemos que ciertos estudiantes deseen participar en actividades relacionadas con el Día de la
Inauguración fuera de la escuela. Si usted desea apoyarlos, asegúrense de avisarnos para que la
falta sea excusada. Los estudiantes ausenten de clases sin que lo padres lo comuniquen a la
escuela tendrán una ausencia injustificada. Creemos que lo mejor para los estudiantes es
permanecer en la escuela, donde pueden mantenerse centrados en el progreso académico.


La Administración de DCISM
Dr. Julie Murgel
Dr. Angelina Walker
Mr. Jason Ortiz
Mrs. Neisa Lynch
Mrs. Natalie Fickes
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DCISM staff believe that all students can maintain 5 basic EXPECTATIONS:
· Be in uniform
· Be on time to school and class
· Be in class learning; appropriate use of hall pass
· Be respectful
· Use appropriate language

Students who fail to meet these 5 basic EXPECTATIONS are assigned REFOCUS.

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Dear DCISM Families:

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the death of Elysia Belser, one of our 12th grade students who was our student-body president and soon-to-be 2017 valedictorian. Elysia lost her valiant fight early Saturday morning from a medical condition. Elysia was extraordinarily brilliant and compassionate, and one of the most determined students. Her amazing heart and courage touched many of our students and staff throughout the six years she has been at DCISM.

We have met with our faculty and staff and students who were closest to Elysia and her family. We will have school supports for those who need it. Continued support will be available for students and staff.

Your student may have questions or be upset, and you may wish to discuss further with your son or daughter about death and grief. The following signs may indicate that your son or daughter is having difficulty, but with time they should decrease. Signs of stress:

Most importantly, marked changes in usual ways of behaving, including decline in school productivity or mood changes
Changes in sleeping or eating problems
Withdrawing behaviors
Easily distracted
Physical symptoms
Acting out behavior, including aggression
Passivity or listlessness

Our assistant principals, school social workers, school counselors, school psychologist, school deans, nurse and myself are all available for support and may be contacted at 720-423-5900. Please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

Out of privacy and respect for the family, we will not be giving out personal information. For those community members who know the family, we suggest you watch for funeral arrangements and announcements in the newspaper.

Our thoughts are with the family at this time.


Dr. Julie Murgel
Principal |

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MyTech Chromebook Rollout Schedule
Monday, October 2nd - Friday, October 6th

All 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students will receive MyTech Chromebook paperwork on Monday, October 2nd. This paperwork must be completely filled out and returned to the school on the day indicated below to receive a Chromebook! Students will also need to submit a one-time $20 fee when receiving the Chromebook, please bring CASH ONLY.

More information on the MyTech program can be found on the DCISM MyTech page here.
Please also take a few minutes to watch the informational video about Chromebook care and usage here! | Learn More...
The Far Northeast Warriors Boys Basketball team ended an incredible season after exiting the 5A/4A Playoffs in the 2nd round. The Warriors went 18-7 before narrowly losing in overtime to the Boulder Panthers 48-45. Congratulations to our entire Warrior team on an amazing season! | Learn More...